Second Opinion Service

The care of your eyes can be complex and challenging.  We take pride in offering the highest level of care and offer our second opinion service to aid in the optimal care of your eyes.

Our service starts with a comprehensive process to obtain all relevant medical records to provide the most complete history of your health and eye condition.  The doctor will review your records prior to your visit to ensure completeness and to advise any further testing to optimize your consultation.

At the time of your consultation with the doctor, thorough discussion, examination and testing will be performed to assess the status of your eye condition.  The doctor will then review the impression and offer recommendations.  Finally, the doctor will allow sufficient time for questions and summary of the visit.

After your visit, a detailed report of the consultation will be generated.  We will gladly forward your records to whom you request.  Should communications via email, telephone or other means be necessary, our staff will facilitate the process.

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